Whether it's a skirt made out of a pair of jeans for a college-bound teen, a funky crocheted scarf for a high school hipster, or the coolest silkscreen T-shirt for a middle school skater, Jane's infectious enthusiasm inspires her audience to experiment with the art of sewing as she gives them the necessary tools to design it, sew it, and make it their own!

Jane uses her extensive sewing expertise and crafty secrets to make even the most elaborate styles easy for ‘tweens and teens to replicate at home. And, for additional inspiration, guest appearances by some of Hollywood's top costume designers and next generation stars give the audience an insider’s look into tomorrow’s top fashion trends as seen on the silver screen.


We are an entertainment marketing agency that creates audio-visual advertising campaigns for major Hollywood studios. But we're not your typical "trailer house."

We are a production company with a history of writing, producing and directing projects of all sizes. Whether it is a special shoot for a theatrical trailer, to a behind-the-scenes special, a long-format corporate branding film, or a TV commercial.

We are a visual effects house with the latest software and technology, utilizing such programs as Maya, Lightwave 3D and After Effects. From 3D modeling and animation, to rotoscope work and green-screen compositing, we have the tools to make any vision a reality.

We are toy box entertainment: a unique and full-service production company with the ability to carry out any project, of any size, from concept to completion. When every detail counts, every strategy must be explored, and every audience must be reached, you'll find everything you need right here - in the box.


With 20 years of experience, Barry Samson has dedicated half his life to the motion picture business and working on over 200 theatrical advertising campaigns, including past projects like There's Something About Mary, Dodgeball and I, Robot; and more recently, Alvin And The Chipmunks, Little Man, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Old Dogs and They Came From Upstairs. His abilities as a screenwriter, along with his success in directing, shooting and editing trailers, landed him the independent feature, The Ice Runner, filmed entirely on location in Russia. It premiered theatrically in Los Angeles and New York City and has aired on HBO, Showtime, Encore, and Starz.  With Toy Box, he has created and directed a pilot for a lifestyle design show called "Jane's Sew & So."


Jane Samson is an accomplished producer, director, designer and mother of two – not counting 26 young girls in her Girl Scout Troops. Her producer credits include Beautiful The Total Look home video, the independent feature film The Ice Runner (aired on HBO, Showtime, Encore, and Starz), and Yesterday’s Target, a feature film for Showtime Networks. Jane has also produced numerous special shoots for almost every major motion picture studio. Many of these required her interviewing skills as she has worked with numerous stars including Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn, The Wayans Brothers, Alicia Silverstone, and Will Smith. To add to the list, Jane has also been a teacher at the John Robert Powers School. She graduated from the American College of Design in Lucerne, Switzerland and went on to earn a degree in film and broadcasting from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.